Who is El Rumbon?

A Latin dance band from Ithaca, New York with a singular mision: to be at the center of a raging Latin dance party!

El Rumbon began in 2008 with the purpose of creating a vibrant Latin dance scene in Ithaca and the Central New York region, with high quality live salsa music.

We play high-energy dance-music in the styles of Salsa, Mambo, Plena, Merenge, Cumbia and ChaChaCha from artists such as Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Manny Oquendo, Tito Rodriguez, Eddie Palmieri, Johnny Pacheco, and more.

The band features a full rhythm secion (congas, timbales, bongos, piano and bass), which holds down the classic Afro-Latin beat that's been moving dancers for decades.

The powerful horn secion (trumpet, trombone, saxophone/flute) and vocal line-up add rich, syncopated melodies and soulful lyrics to produce a full, vibrant sound.

This 8-piece group has some of the area's best musicians, all of whom have a dep love for Latin music, and a dedication to playing it with authenticity and soul.

The "Rumbon" (dance party) describes the scene we create at every show: A room full of dancers moving to the sounds of hot Latin music.


El Rumbon of Ithaca is:

  • Harry Aceto, Bass
  • Sammy Avila-Vargas: Vocals, Bongos, Percussion
  • Charlie Izzo: Congas, Vocal
  • Pablo Arnau: Vocals
  • Jorge Cuevas: Timbales, Vocals
  • Chad Lieberman: Piano
  • Rick Huyge: Sax, Flute, Vocals
  • Ryan Zawel: Tombone, Vocals